Courtney Lazore

I'm a digital native passionate about writing and editing, with special interests in BTS, Korean culture and history, language, fan studies, and game studies.


My name is Courtney, and I'm a freelance writer and editor with a day job in Communications. I’m a digital native passionate about history, culture, writing, fan studies, and language, with a deep interest in BTS and the Korean entertainment landscape.

I currently serve as an editor for Revolutionaries Press, as well as the editor-in-chief of The Kraze Magazine, which covers everything related to Korean entertainment.

My own research interests revolve around BTS and fan studies. I post much of my BTS-related research and writing on The BTS Effect. I've presented my work at a couple of conferences and have most recently contributed to an edited volume of autoethnographic essays related to fan identity within the BTS fandom.


Selected writing clips from various projects.


How BTS Keeps Fans Coming Back For More

Remembering the Gwangju Uprising

Five Reasons New Writers Should Keep Writing

How the BTS Universe Successfully Engages Thousands of Fans

Dangun, Korea's Foundation Myth


I Am ARMY: It's Time to Begin. Co-editor and contributor. Revolutionaries Press, 2020.

"Tree Trunks." America's Emerging Poets. Z Publishing, 2018.

"Dreamcatcher." Virginia's Best Emerging Poets. Z Publishing, 2016.

"The Hwarang Warriors: Silla's Flower Boys." Dartmouth Quarterly of East Asian Studies, 2014.


Contributor to The Impact of a T-shirt: BTS Meets Politics in a Digital World.


BTS, 2016 MAMA 'Artist of the Year' ... "We will become singers to be proud of."

BTS's HYYH Notes


A PDF of this information can be found here.


M.A. in English, Writing and Linguistics (Honors). Northwestern State University, 2017.

B.A. in History, East Asia concentration (Honors). Roanoke College, 2013.


Professional Editing. University of California at Berkeley, 2019.

Teaching English as a Second Language. Northwestern State University, 2018.


Editor, Revolutionaries Press (March 2020 - present)
• Co-editor for I AM ARMY
• Copyediting for The Revolutionary Social Worker supplementary text
• Provide general editing, proofreading, and writing services as required per project

Editor-in-Chief, The Kraze Magazine (April 2016 - present)
• Edit web articles and print issues to eliminate errors, improve quality, and maintain style
• Write and maintain in-house style guide, serving as authority on consistency and adherence to brand style
• Manage, lead, and train a global editorial team of 15+ writers, editors, and translators

Freelance writer and editor (May 2011 - present)
• Provide freelance writing, editing, proofreading, and research for various projects
• Projects include: editing and proofing book manuscripts and web articles, researching and writing web content and blog posts, and researching and fact-checking scripts for videos related to Korean entertainment


Book Chapters

Courtney Lazore. “BTS Gave Me Back Myself.” In I Am ARMY, Revolutionaries Press, Australia, 2020.

Edited Volumes

Wallea Eaglehawk and Courtney Lazore, editors. I Am ARMY. Revolutionaries Press, Australia, 2020.

Journal Articles

"The Hwarang Warriors: Silla's Flower Boys." Dartmouth's The Quarterly of East Asian Studies 1, 2014.

Selected Web Articles

“Remembering the Gwangju Uprising.” Revolutionaries. May 2020.

“How BTS Keeps Fans Coming Back For More.” PopCrush. March 2020.

“How the BTS Universe Successfully Engages Thousands of Fans.” The BTS Effect. July 2019.

“Five Reasons New Writers Should Keep Writing.” DIY MFA. April 2019.

“Dangun, Korea’s Foundation Myth.” The Kraze Magazine. June 2017.

Contributing Writer

“The Impact of a T-shirt: BTS Meets Politics in a Digital World.” The White Paper Project. December 2018.


Panelist, “We, Like BTS, Are Revolutionaries: Exploring the Concept of BTS as Participatory Revolutionaries.” Rhizome Connect. August 2020.

Panelist, “I Am ARMY: Exploring the ARMY Identity Through Autoethnographies.” Rhizome Connect. August 2020.

Panelist, “Bangtan Universe, The Beginning – What is the BU All About?” Rhizome Connect. August 2020.

Presenter, “Artists for Healing: How BTS Helps Fans Heal.” BTS Global Interdisciplinary Conference. Kingston University, London, January 2020.

Presenter, “Hwarang Warriors: The Flower Boys of Silla.” Alpha Chi Super-Regional Convention. Baltimore, Maryland, March 2012.


Phi Beta Kappa
Phi Kappa Phi
Award in East Asian Studies
Susan B. Millinger Award in Ancient History
Kim Kyu Shik Award in Asian History

Bangtan Scholars. Founding member; content team member. 2020.
BTS Translations/Bangtan Subs. Video subtitler. 2015-2019.


Korean: High Intermediate (four-year language program completion, 2018).